Sunday, October 30, 2011

Production Report (Week 12)

Only 2 weeks left and I’m stressing out, why am I stressing out? It’s because I have some issues with making my animation, and is slowing my production down. So far I am having issues with animating my characters, it seems to take me a long time to figure out on how to animate actions and timing my animation, and luckily Jack is able to show me were my animation has gone wrong and guide me to the right direction. Another issue I am having is that I have lost motivation to do my best, and I’m not patient enough to animate in 2d. The process of doing a animation test, then doing a sketch over it, and tracing that sketch takes a lot of time to do it, and because that process takes so long I decided to rush it so I can finish my animation within the due date

With all the issue, I’m bit behind, so far I have traced and colored 85% of my facial animation and probably around 45% of body animation so overall animation is 55-75% done. My background are 98% done, my sound is around 85% done. Once I finish my animation, I will then add special effects on after effects and composite my sound and background with my animation. Hopefully I can get this done. So far I hope to finish my character animation and sound by the end of week 13 and do all my sfx and compositing in week 14.

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