The future after an apocalypse

EXT City ruins – DAY

A dark and dusty city in ruins with no signs of plant life, a bean is falling down from a sky with tremendous speed; it hits the ground with such impact that it is buried in the ground.

A stem grows.

The stem grows into a small size plant.

The plant grows into a medium size plant with extraordinary beauty

A Fragile OLD MAN walks into the park and notices the plant and grins, he looks around cunningly to see if anybody is watching he quickly walks towards.

Old man pulls out the plant with both hands.

Attached to the plant is a CREATURE, with wrinkled onion shape body and a pair of eyes and very skinny and long arms and hands and a mouth.

Creature is opening its eyes only to be blinded by the sun, it tries to block its eyes with its hands but accidentally scratches the old man on the face.

The old man screams in pain, and is wiping away the blood on his face, while he wipes away the blood; he grabs his cane and tries to attack the creature.

The creature gets scared, which set its natural defence mechanism and grow a very beautiful flower, which happens to calm things down.

The old man then realises that it can bring in some beautiful plants into earth once again and decides to help the creature.

1 Year later

The world is now filled with beautiful flowers and plants.