Sunday, November 27, 2011

Production Report (Week 14)

Ok, we all finished our animation and what an experience. It was very hectic by week 12-14 almost everyone was rushing, anyways I going to write a summery of the last few weeks.

By week 13 I had almost finish my character animation, around 95% of the sound was done, and my backgrounds was done, I spend most of class time showing my teachers what I had, and they would give me a lot of advice on how to improve it, by this stage I was ready to give up and just wanted to hand in my work, it seems that I was too impatient to redraw and re animate some parts of my characters, but in the end I have decided to listen to my teacher and improve my animation, it well worth the suffering in the end, I still had a lot more to improve but what I had was the best I could do with the time we had left, and I have achieve my goal I had for week 13.

By week 14 I felt confident that I could hand in my animation by the end of the week, I had all my character animation done, all the sound done, and all the backgrounds done, all I need to do was show my teachers what I done, and composite it all together. By the time I showed my teachers, my confidents went down to unconfident, as they showed me all the errors I done, but fortunately they were minor errors, and could easily be fixed within an hour or so. By the time I fixed the errors, it was time to export, and that was when I started to have my first major errors, from memory errors, to image buffer errors, to sounds, and many more, most of the time it was memory errors, I tried asking my teacher at time, she tried her best, and only solved some of the problems, I even looked up forums, but they didn’t help, eventually the other animation teachers came to help, they even stayed back to help us, soon after the problems were fix, and I finally started to export and finish it off, and burn it to a dvd and hand it end, the best feeling ever.

Overall I’ve learned a lot from this semester, at the start I thought 2d animation was going to be easy but I was wrong, animation requires a lot of skill and patients, I didn’t have any, but I did learn some skills and patient by the end, also I am very bad at sound design, not having the right sound can make or break an animation, but I did have fun in the end and I learned a lot, doesn’t matter if my animation was bad, I’m only a 2nd year student and still have time to improve it after I finish school.