A Beautiful Plant


Greediness kills and destroys beauty.


In an apocalyptic world where plants no longer exist, a bean falls down from the sky and is buried in the park; the bean slowly grows into a beautiful plant. An old man see a plant and wants it for himself, he pulls the plant out, but attached to the plant is a creature. The creature accidentally hurts him, which makes the old man angry. The old man then tries to kill it but the creature gives him a flower which calms the old man down, and he realises that he can change the world with the creature by planting other plants around the world.


In a dark and beautiful-less worlds, a bean is shot out from the sky, and into a park where it is buried. The bean then grows for serval months, until it grows into a very beautiful plant. The old man see the plant with delight and go to pull it, the plant is pulled out but only to reveal that it was attached to a creature. The creature tries to block the sun from its eyes but accidentally scratches the old man, the old man then gets angry and grabs his cane and tries to hit the creature, feeling threaten the plant grows a very beautiful flower on its head, which calms down the old man, soon after he realises that with the creature ability to grow plants, they could team up and help make earth a better place to live in.