Thursday, August 25, 2011

Production Report (Week 5)

My week 7 milestones are:

• Finish off backgrounds
• Key out my animation
• Sound and music rough track 90% done.

Issues so far:

So far it has been 5 weeks since we have started our production and I have had a lot of issues with my animation. First off I will start off by talking about the issues I had with creating my background. At first I decided to only use the program flash to see if I could make a simple yet effective background, but failed due to my lack of knowledge of using vector only tools and I couldn’t fully express my creativity with the restrictions. My second attempt I’ve decided to use the program photoshop, photoshop allowed me to do all sorts of drawing techniques, but photoshop was a very complex program to learn, and I would spend a lot of my time learning to use it, eventually I went through some tutorials, which took a lot of time and effort, but I have failed yet again, soon I’ve decided to ask my lecturers and class mates for some help and they had provided me with some good advice, and I hope to use their advice on my 3rd attempt and hopefully have a decent background by week 7.

For keying out my animation, there are some issues; I still have a lot to learn about animating, timing and spacing, learning all of this will take a lot of time. So far I have had a lot of help from my lecturers and classmates.

I seem to have a lot of trouble with my sound and music, because it is very hard finding a good royalty free sound and music. Also I’m still learning about sound design and how I can use sound to help bring out my animation.

What is slowing my production?

Being a university student requires a lot of time and effort, I have 3 other subjects that I must attend to and pass. I also a very slow learner and require more time to practice more then others. Also I enjoy drawing and would like to become the best I can be, which requires a lot of time to practice it.

What is causing me grief?

I am most active at night and at home, but my timetable requires me to get up early and stay long hours, which is fine since I can get use to it and it seem to be the normal thing to do, but since I enjoy doing my work at night and at home I tend to stay up late causing me to have lack of sleep and being tired the next day, which makes me feels sluggish and lazy at class. Also the computer equipment seems to be slow and don’t function probably with the Wacom tablets which makes me angry and wishing I was at home using my equipment.

Also we have 2 lecturers, with 2 different ways of teaching and opinions, I don’t know who to please and confuses when one says something different to the other.

Things that are working out for me?

I had no problems with programs freezing up on me, and using flash to animate has worked out fine for me so far. Also my lecturers have helped me a lot too.

How can I improve?

I can improve by spending more time on experimenting more and learning new techniques instead of sitting down and practicing the same thing over and over again.

Where am I up to now?

So far I have around 45% of my backgrounds done, Around 80% of my key animation done, and around 70% of a rough sound design done.

Where I wish I was up to?

I wish had my rough sound and music done, since I don’t like working, finding and thinking about my sound design, and I should have had 65% of my background done by now, but my lack of skills are slowing me down, but I’m quite happy with 80% of my key animation done I should be able to get my keys done by week 7.

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