Thursday, November 26, 2009

Current Projects - Synopsis

Hey everyone here is just some ideas we are working on.

Konzarel's orbs

"Konzarel’s Orbs" is a story about 11 people who has discovered orbs that give them powers, from elemental magic to dark magic. The discovery of orbs has created a new breed of heroes and villains; this causes the orb users to battle it out for both reasons of good and evil. The battle for the orbs not only start the war, but also woken up a fallen Aeon, this causing the heroes and villains to work together and defend their lives and those their love ones.

The legend of Krazuu: Konzarious’s Experiment (still working on the sub title)

The legend of Krazuu is a fantasy story about a young shaman named Krazuu and his best friend Derries, who was forcefully transformed into a death god. On this discovery they decide to go on a journey and find out how to turn Derries back to human. Before their journey begins, their village was destroyed by Konzarious, a alien who possesses a magical coffin that can summon the deadliest creatures from hell. After seeing this, Krazuu and Derries decide to go and look for spirits of legendary heroes, to help defeat Konzarious and his army.

The Adventures of Puk (working Title)

The "Adventure of Puk" tells a story of a young alien, sent to Earth, whose sole purpose is to learn about the human species. When arriving at his destination, Puk finds Earth in a state of corruption and ruins – hence, he builds the determination to make Earth a better place environmentally. However, do add to his dismay, Puk quickly discovers that the Earth’s leader is being controlled by his long lost brother.

Team Digipitch.

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